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Culture means different things to different people. list any five advantages that we can have at conserving our socio-cultural customs at local levels even the educated people are involved in bad practices. Tourism is supposed to encourage and make feasible the experience of visiting the rest of the world … Every human society has been considered has having its own cultural heritage.Culture includes the society’s beliefs, customs, arts, institutions, values etc. Africa is a vast continent with diversity of cultures. Culture is about the way of life of particular societies or communities, indigenous belief systems, practices, customs, behavior even attitudes (Baker et … The host communities have received more financial benefits by practicing it. This was a great article and helped us a lot with what we needed to have the … Impacts of ecotourism has classified into three types, these are environment, economic and socio-cultural. environment and culture. The role of science and technology in conserving biodiversity As our society develops we continually use more resources, which stains natural biodiversity, but development also leads to improved science and technology. Culture, which comprises one of the primary elements of preparation to life in society, plays a particular role in the development of social capital. I always found the preservation of culture an obvious subject. All other parts of societies are subordinate to "culture" and simply serve to create, maintain or foster cultures or the individuals enjoying their culture. "Culture" is the core of living", whatever an individual or a society regards to be "culture" or however they "cultivate" their lifestyles. First of all, preservation and restoration plays a cultural role. It is our duty to follow the “campsite rule” Leave the person or places you encounter in at least the same state, if not a better one, than it was in before you. Rather than see this as an impediment to development, the continent should take advantage of this rich cultural diversity in its quest for economic development and should change the attitudes of its people … … The sociocultural - impacts of ecotourism describe the effects on host communities of direct Culture is the deciding factor of behavioral patterns of the most people of a particular society. Also, opinions such us the other answer by Jo Don are not very correct either since culture is a bond of space and time with the people of said culture. Government legislation protecting our natural environments is one of the most effective ways of protecting biodiversity. Two other friends and I are trying to get more of our native culture into our schools and found this article very helpful on ways that bringing culture to the school would benefit the children. Culture related undertakings contribute to an increase in the intellectual potential of regions and the building of a conscious, open and tolerant citizen society. The Constitution of the King of Bhutan, article 4 states that “The State shall conserve and encourage research on local arts, custom, knowledge and culture.” Our forefather has tirelessly preserved the cultural heritage by knowing its importance. Culture and heritage are inexorably intertwined, thus it is subsequently difficult to talk about one without somehow referring to the other. I want to tackle this topic and remind of the often forgotten benefits of keeping our heritage intact.

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