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Herbaceous plant with leaves all basal. Matures to a large forest tree. on large tree. blue flowers. flowers. Learn about the different types of orchids here. Also called puncture vine - its seeds can poke holes in tires. It mainly grows and exports roses. Small tree or shrub with thick lance-shaped leaves. Two petals much larger than the third. Five bright yellow petals. Frequently planted tree in the mid elevations. Leaves opposite. Aromatic. Leaves opposite. Bright yellow, bilaterally symetrical flowers have a maroon But many species make id beyond that more challenging. Clump-forming grass with stems up to 0.5m tall. At a considerable height a set of Desire Flora is located on the beautiful plains of the Maasai grassland of Kajiado County, Isinya. Draping over a woody shrub. Thank you for visiting this growing Box 64, Timau, 10406, Kenya. From south Asia. It has approximately 100 clients, 1500 employees, and 70 flower varieties. Partly Scrambling shrub with sharp prickles on the stems, panicles of Postal address: P.O. Dark green, palmately compound leaves on vine like plant in Several species of milkwort found in Kenya. alternate and with rusty pubescence below. web site. Familiar floating plants. conical cluster upon tall slender spikes. Varieties grown: Mariyo!, Red Ribbon, Good Times, Marina, Fire Flash, Flash Night, Lianne, Babe, Snowflake, Rubicon, Nathalie, Fireworks, Pink Flash, Mirabel, and others. spotting on leaves. Tree. This specimen was growing low in veins and stems. chestnut. Largely herbaceous plant with yellow or yellow-orange flowers. tree. Large globular seed pods. Postal address: P.O.Box 225-20302 Ol-Joro-Orok, Nyahururu, Kenya, Telephone numbers: +254 709507000, +254 20 2366141/42 /44, +254 734618361. Leaves and flowers also larger. Subati also plants a variety of chillies such as Serenade Green, Bird Eye Red, Bird Eye Green, and Habanero. Shrub with evergreen leaves and spherical fruits. It was established in the year 2008, and it is a grower and exporter of fresh cut roses. Opposite leaves on a low, mostly herbaceous plant. Slender herb, mostly obscure but with very curiously shaped flowers. Flowers and fruit in large, spherical bunches. strap-like resembling palm leaves. Leaves pubescent. Though all flowers can be planted in your garden for decorative reasons, there are certain flowers that are known as garden flowers. mostly in gardens for their fruit. Sian Roses is a group of three farms: Agriflora Kenya Limited, Equator Flowers Kenya Limited, and Maasai Flowers Limited. Small green or reddish flowers. No flowers or fruit. teeth and ringed clusters of deep purple, two-lipped Robust shrubby plant with opposite, deltoid leaves with rounded Poor staff turnover – sometimes workers work for a month then leave. Tambuzi has three farms located 180 kilometres north of Nairobi, within Nyeri, Laikipia, and Meru counties. Bilaterally symetric flower with a long curved nectary spur. edges. In the following lines, you will find a list of the top 10 most popular flowers to plant in your garden. Many sharp spines plus minute hair-like spines. Box 32111-00600, Nairobi, Kenya. orange when ripe. Indoor plants in Kenya - Gardening Nicholas Kibathi. Floating plant with thick, bouyant leaves. It requires a lot of sun and demands that you pinch off the ripe leaves so it will continue to get bigger. Small pale flowers are set in a slender spike. Now widespread around world as an ornamental. Kenya is among the top producers of flowers in the world exporting to over 60 destinations. Cottony seeds in thick-packed spikes. Batian has an altitude of 2,450 metres above sea level and currently has 35 hectares of land under rose farming. Botanical Name: Heliconia You can grow heliconias in your cutting garden to give a tropical touch and get unique blooms as a reward. against soil. Multiple stems may reach 15 m in height. The group of three farms prides itself in the fact that it produces a wide variety of roses. An erect herb that may become thick and woody near ground. Light cultivated for the purple fruit. Magana Flowers Limited is one of the well-known flower farms in Kenya that has over twenty years experience growing and exporting roses. Seeds within a spherical, fleshy cone. Trifoliate leaves shiny and with leaflets tapering to point. Mostly herbaceous up to two long. Many similar Spikes of small six-pointed flowers. Rosete of basal grass-like leaves with 6-pointed yellow flowers Sian Group has a portfolio of more than fifty types of both standard and spray roses that one can choose from. Robust reed of river- and lake-side marshes. Large shrub or many-branched tree with sprays of small white The herb farm was established in 2016, and it is located in Kibwezi, 300 kilometres south of Nairobi. Forest tree with dark gray, scaly bark found at higher learn them I am teaching myself while also sharing in discovery. flowers. Fruit is spherical and orange-red. Garden favorite. Create a membership account to save your garden designs and to view them on any device. Others… There are literally thousands or millions of different flower gardens. Flowers are very small, but can be bright pink or carmine. Postal address: P.O.Box 25130-00100, Nairobi, Kenya, Telephone number: +254(20)204 8483, 356 6200, Email address:,, READ ALSO: Uhuru tells government officials to declare Chinese fish bad to boost local traders. curved thorns. Purple drupes with one hard seed. Flowers singular. Physical address: Head office – Sadani House, Riverside Lane, Riverside Drive, Postal address: P.O.Box 32201-00600, Karen, Nairobi. red. Seeds Stately tree with dark green, compound leaves and large Varieties grown: Adalonia, Polar Star, Fiesta, Kahala, Bravour, Pink Weddin, Vanilla Sky, Mariyo, and Marie Claire. Flowers mostly yellow and with many petals and We’ve pulled together a list of 150+ flower and plant types, along with pictures of each one and details on the best way to plant them. b. Tulip Gardens. Dark green leaves born on branches with many elongate green La Pieve Farm Shop, which sells groceries, household goods, sweets, toiletries, mines and spirits, and organic produce from Oserian and neighbouring estates. It is managed by experienced people who have a passion for plants and gardening and many years of experience in dealing with a wide variety of plants and gardens. Ayana is situated in Narok, Nakuru County, and it is the highest altitude farm with an altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level. Some of the problems facing flower farms in the country include: Despite the challenges above, flower farms in Kenya have continued to beat the odds to produce blue-ribbon blooms that are worth every penny spent on them. Postal Address: P.O. Tall savanna trees with distinctive yellow, green and brown Postal address: P.O.Box 18436-00500, Nairobi, Kenya, Telephone numbers: +254 729 405 450, +254 732 205 577, +254 728 886 740. Click the link above to discover the 6 main types of bluebell flowers. long. Rich Man in Kenya: How Do You Identify an Affluent Individual? Box 540, Athi River, Mombasa Road, Kenya, Telephone numbers: +254 709507000, +254 733 618354, For sales enquiries contact: Widely cultivated but also native species. 2. entire leaves. flowers. Spikes of white flowers ripen into purple berries on leafy, 3 popular types of flower gardens: a. Straight, long thorns. Many at times, we find ourselves in a tight spot wondering what to get a loved one as a gift. Forms mats of succulent, leafy stems and yellow flowers with four petals. Tan, scaley-looking flowers on small plant that grows flat When caught in such a fix, here is what you may want to remember: flowers are one of the most acceptable gifts for almost any event or occasion. They are Bellissima-Chui Farm in Timau that spans over 30 hectares of land at an altitude of 2,500 metres above sea level, located on the foothills on Mt Kenya and Simba Farm in Nyahururu that grows premium roses in its 40-hectare estate. Medium to large tree with rough bark. Club-shaped Found in moist habitats and rarely taller than a few cm's. Herbaceous vine with Leave your email to receive our newsletter, Get the news that matters from one of the leading news sites in Kenya, Drop your mail and be the first to get fresh news, The best restaurants in Karen: Give your taste buds a treat, Photos: Akothee's entrance and performance at Luo Festival, How to be a millionaire through garlic farming in Kenya, Watermelon farming in Kenya and its benefits to the farmers. Scrambling vine with opposite, compound leaves and fragrant, It is 21 hectares big and has an altitude of 2,240 metres above sea level. thorns arising from leaf axils. Among them are Akina, Ayana, and Alisha. Widely spikes. Fleshy fruits in clusters. It sends flowers to more than sixty countries, among them being Netherlands, United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States of America, Russia, Japan, Australia, and countries in Asia. Margins of rubbery leaves appear crinkled. obovate. Inadequate storage facilities which is quite a problem because flowers dry if not well stored. It spans over 25 hectares of land, with 20 hectares dedicated to growing roses while the other 5 grows carnations and Alstromeria. Leaves ovate, simple, lightly serrated and often notched at tip. Business Ideas in Kenya - Top Farming Opportunities to Try Out, African Moringa Benefits for Men and Women, A Highlight of the Lucrative Giant Bamboo Farming in Kenya. margins. Small white flowers in clusters. Characteristic Large tree with brown bark and v. long compound leaves. Ruto spotted in Rome touring dairy farms as he urges Kenyan farmers to diversify, William Ruto insists maize farmers need to diversify, stop lamenting. Small bluish-white flowers in short, crowded spikes. Cultivated fruit tree native to the Amrican tropics. Non-native. Telephone numbers: +254 20 3501327, 3549286, Mobile numbers: +254 722 203630, 0733 333 648, READ ALSO: One Acre Fund contacts and services. Large tree with big shiny leaves and very large fruits covered Clusters of kidney-shaped berries. Pale blue flowers with very long tubes in clumps. Native to the Sanora desert regions of North America, these plants require sun and minimum winter temperatures above 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Leaves with two Kenya's roses, carnations and summer flowers are also popular in Russia and the U.S. Coffee Spherical clusters of orange, red, pink and yellow tubular Leaves Real Househelps of Kawangware's Njambi claims hubby is cheating on her: "I'm sho... Maria's Yasmin Said introduces beautiful mum to fans with sweet video, Waititu to vie in Nairobi gubernatorial by-election, Real Househelps of Kawangware's Njambi claims hubby is cheating on her: "I'm shocked beyond words", Man's 24-year marriage ends after discovering he sired only 1 of his 4 kids, Eric Omondi's ex-lover Chantal hints at finding new man after comedian's recent Wife Material escapades, Everton vs Manchester City: Premier League game postponed after COVID-19 outbreak, Lovers with huge height differences say they bought special bed to accommodate tall wife, Ellen DeGeneres wife: name, age, net worth, dresses, bio, Oserengoni Wildlife Sanctuary – created in the mid-1990s. white flowers in clusters. Widely cultivated fruit tree. Bright cream colored inflorescence set this sedge apart. papery wings. This is a shrubby version of the familiar sheep sorrel. Varieties grown: Candle Light, Good Times, Hot Blood, Deep Water, Burgundy, Athena, Furiosa, Babe, Snow Flakes, Fire Works, Moonwalk, Aqua, Mirabel, Yellow babe, Nathalie and Reflex. Sosiani was established in 2004. Mostly found only in cultivation. elliptical, sharply serrate leaves. It is located in Eldoret, 12 kilometres south-east of Eldoret Town at an altitude of 2,120 metres above sea level. Besides the giant Lobelias of the high mountains, there are many smaller wildflower species. Small sparsely branched tree with elliptical leaves and large leaves, and with groups of axillary flowers and large, ovoid leaves. Aerial roots become additional trunks to support a huge Leaves Large, multistemmed shrub with opposite, dark green, simple, Five pink petals above five longer sepals of a lighter shade. Weedy annual or perennial. foliage is beset with needle-like spines that sting! It grows flowers in three categories: Intermediate, Big Heads, and Sprays. another plant sometime in excess of 3 m. Sharp thorns on leaves. Uhuru Kenyatta gives farmers KSh 200 more for 90kgs bag of maize. Bright yellow flowers on a creeping, succulent herb. Kenyan flowers make up 30 to 35% of flowers auctioned in Europe. Remarkable flowers also that release scent Non-native, mostly herbaceous plant with 4-petaled flowers and inferior ovary. Postal address: Head Office, PO Box 2010, Naivasha 20117, Kenya, Telephone numbers: +254 (0) 50 203 0210, +254 (0) 50 202 1036, Facebook: Oserian Development Company Ltd. Fontana Limited is a group of four farms located in Nakuru County that grows roses. Leaves lance-shaped. with five-parted, long tubular flowers. Orange-red flowers in clusters. spatulate leaves clustered at ends of branches. sunny borders. Kisima exports approximately 20 million stems a year. green leaves and bright pink flower. Resinous tree with exfoliating bark and gray-green trifoliate leaves. Telephone numbers: 0722897903 / 0733615035, Email address:, Twining vine from woody base. Herbaceous vine with round or slightly rhombic, velvety leaves. White or pink tinged five-petaled flowers in groups with Asai is located 17 kilometres south-east of Eldoret Town. Showy, non-native shrub. Thickish narrow leaves. Seventeen hectares of Akina is under greenhouse, and it produces about fifteen varieties. some errors. flowers, coral-colored beans and trifoliate leaves. Long and heavy fruits hang from the branches like so many Varieties planted: Madame Red, La Belle, Bella Rose, Athena, Mariyo!, Catch, Lovely Jubilee, Moonwalk, Downtown, Espana, Vertigo, Supreme, New Orleans, Madam Cerise, and Pegasso. spikelets crowded at top of infloresence. Disinfection and Sanitary Services; Pest Control. Reproduction often by vegetative budding. sausages set to age. Varieties grown: Belle Rose, Blush, Caracal+, Cuba Libre, Double Fashion, Esperance, Heidi!, Marie Claire!, Marosa, Pink Journey, Secret Love, Twilight!, and others. leaves. Lots of Foliage strongly Prostrate herb with distinctly heart-shaped leaves. Conspicuous when flowering. Its main market is in Australia, China, the European Union, Japan, the Middle East, Russia, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. Red Ice sits at the heart of the Kenyan highlands near Nanyuki. petals. Mostly herbaceous plant with small, 5-petalled, yellow flowers shady undergrowth. Among many native Annonaceae. Subati is located in northern Kenya on the slopes of the Great Rift Valley. and elypsoid fruits that ripen to black and are sweet. Leaves with conspicuous parallel Currently there are over 400 plant species pages. Large, leathery and thick leaves with scalloped Flowers in spikes. Dark green leaves are simple and crowded on ends of branches of stiff-branched shrub. Large robust milkweed with big thick leaves and purple Small tree/shrub. Flowers small, green in long, pendulous spikes. spines along the branches. Flowers, small, in Small tree with alternate, elliptical leaves and woody fruits arranged into s spherical cluster. leaves. Fragrant, white, pinwheel-like flowers with 5 petals. It was founded in 1919 and incorporated in 1943. All its flowers are supplied to the Dutch Flower Auction. Box 16533 - 20100 Nakuru, This farm was established in 1997, and it mainly grows and exports roses. Physical address: Isinya – Kiserian Road, Kajiado District, Kenya, Postal address: P.O. The geothermal heating is excellent as it gives constant temperatures, reduces humidity to below 85%, and prevents diseases like downy mildew, thus eliminating the need to use fungicides. veins. Primarosa is a producer and exporter of roses around the globe. Substantial shade tree found in areas near the beach. Types: Plants 66 Flower Pots 4. artificial Plants 10. It is the pioneer farm that was found in the year 1996. Show all. Gardens continue to evolve through the years as you discover and fall in love with new plants—that's what makes gardening so fun and challenging. are anchored in bottom soil. Panicles of many small cream flowers. Flowers cream- colored. Tambuzi’s roses are classified into: David Austin roses, Tambuzi Garden, Tambuzi Scented, and Tambuzi Spray. Its main market is in Russia, Japan, Sweden, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, the Middle East, Africa, and the United States of America. odor when cut. nodes. Spikes of pink to white flowers on mostly herbaceous plant of Leaves elyptic. showy, bell-shaped flowers. Grass-like plant in usu. Tree with palmately compound leaves with long petioles and long Varieties grown: Pebbles, Duet, Free Spirit, Rockfire, Deep Water, and others, Postal address: P.O. It was founded in 2012, and it sits in Kenya’s Rift Valley, 30 kilometres north west of Lake Nakuru. Bluebell Flowers. Large, pear-shaped fruit has a scalloped surface texture and custard-like flesh. Rather large blooms with pleated/crinkled flowers. Zena Roses Limited was established in 1996, and it has three farms located in Thika and Eldoret. Eight stamens and four part stigma. Scrambling seaside shrub with long whitish stamens and white Small white Kakmega Forest. around the world from it's American origins. Sosiani produces T-Hybrid roses, premium spray roses, and carnations. Tifsport Grass in Kenya; Arabic grass; Buffalo Grass in Kenya; Paspalum grass; Variegated paspalum grass; Zimbabwe grass; Sports pitch grass; Tropical Green Grass; Maadi river grass; Cape royal grass; Kikuyu Grass; Pemba grass; Variegated Pemba grass; Golf bentgrass; Artificial grass; Services. Almost every romantic film contains a scene where the guy gives the girl a beautiful bouquet, maybe as an apology for some wrong previously done. A wide variety of types of flowers options are available to you, There are 2 types of flowers suppliers, mainly located in Africa. Semi-arid shrub. The core values that guide the group’s functionality are teamwork, respect, reliability, integrity, and passion. Small fruit tree with one main stem, large palmately lobed A shade tree with large elyptic leaves, small yellowish flowers This one in Primarosa grows, exports, and supplies products of Zuri Division Global. This farm was established in the year 2003. Woody shrub with stout thorns. Weed of gardens, but also a vegetable. Common, introduced ornamental. Moreover, there are different types of flowers such as Roses, Daffodils, Tulips and so on. Floating plant of marshes and pond edges. Evergreen shrub with dark green opposite leaves and milky sap. Many moss species in Kenya. fruit covered with long, stiff bristles. aril. berries and with leathery leaves. pink-red color. 6 Types of Bluebell Flowers. Today, Oserian, one of the big flower farms in Naivasha, is over 5000 acres big and it handles more than 1 million stems of flowers every day. Clusters of 4cm dia. They are often used in arrangements and bouquets as … Understory forest tree with tall slender stems and very large, turf. Flowers in spherical clusters followed by berry-like fruit. Large simple leaves on medium to large tree bearing round fruit with yellow, custard-like flesh. Submerged aquatic herb with numerous very finely divided leaves. Its primary market, however, is in Europe, Dubai, Australia, and the United States of America. Upright, mostly herbaceous stems topped with large lavender, two-lipped blossums. spiney stems, purple flowers and yellow fruits. White flowers followed by blue-black berries in Large ovate leaves, stiff textured and with coarse hairs on leaves without stipules. large lavender flowers and a fruit resembling a bumpy Minute floating ferns resembling duckweeds. Varieties planted: A One, Airforce, Alaska, Bingo Cerise, Burgundy, Celeb, Confidential, Cuba Libra, among others. Succulent leaves are in a rosette at ground level. Varieties grown: English garden roses – Beidirmeir, Blanchette, Bridal Piano, Cerise Vuvuzela, Latin Pom Pom, Peach Vuvuzela, Piano, Pink Piano, Vuvuzela, and Yellow Vuvuzela; Pastel roses – Baby Face, Cappuccino, Cool Water, H3O, Morning Dew, and Top Gear; Premium Roses – Magic Spray Avalanche, Queen of Africa, Snow Storm, and Sorbet Spray Avalanche; and filler flowers and bouquet fillers such as carnations and statice. The success of Kenya's flower industry is attributed largely to members' commitment to meet the highest quality requirements embodied in the Flower Council Flowers and Ornamentals Sustainability Standard (FOSS). page the user should find a hierarchal menu including a link to the family classification of the plant discussed. It produces about twenty-seven varieties of spray and cut roses sold to both auctions and direct markets. Widely distributed in tropical Asia and Africa. The farm grows two varieties of roses – Big Heads and Sprays. The top supplying country or region is Kenya, which supply 100% of types of flowers respectively. Cultivated in warm, humid areas. Subati Group Limited was incorporated in Kenya in 2007 as a boutique 12 ha rose farm. Varieties grown: Shanti, Solileo, Athena, Aqua, Inka, Furiosa, H3O, Tropical Amazone, Akito, Ace Pink, Fuchsiana, Topsun, Mylo, Sorraya, Valentine, Madam Red, Bingo Cerise, Revival, Asante, Sombrello, and others. Tough, woody stems with numerous side stems reaching lengths of 2 to 3 m and bearing feathery leaves and very stout thorns. Here, you can select the flowers that you would like Cacti and succulents Climbers and Vines Fruit plants Garden & landscape plants & flowers Hedge plants Herbs Indoor plants Lawn grass Lawn Sprinklers Palms Pebbles & stones Planters & planting pots Shrubs Trees Wall creepers Large flowers have red-brown spots on golden yellow. By 2012, AAA had begun exporting roses to the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, and the Middle East, to mention a few. Large forest tree in moist highland areas. This is the pioneer farm of the group. Oserian prides itself in being home to the largest geothermal heating project in the world, spread across more than 120 acres of the estate. Color can range Relatively large elyptic leaves. The fronds are roughly Keyed to K. prittwitzii. Coarse, herbaceous, with blue flowers about a meter tall. The Plants Galore Garden Centre was set up on a greenfield site in 2008 and opened its gates in January 2009. Spherical toothed along margins. This showy dogbane has been redistributed to tropical gardens Allium. Triangular leaves with reddish, wavy margin. Information ... silky hairs. a union of three, colorful papery wings. This milkweed has the appearance of a cactus. broadly elyptic and leathery. An herbaceous garden weed in relatively cool highland areas. with pyramidal bumps. from red to green. 2. Types: ... Woven garden flower pots for your yard or patio. Box 7610 - 30100 Eldoret, Kenya. Akina is the smallest farm located in Njoro, Nakuru County. nodes. pads. meters tall. Climbing vine with spectacular, unique flowers. closely packed flowers and seed capsules. Seasonal roads that become impassable when it rains. rarely a small tree. Plantation timber tree of mid to highland areas. vertical plane. It grows and exports over 100 varieties of spray and single head roses. Fruit berry-like but turning leaves. spreading tree. Complex flower with large showy spathe. Yellow flowers with many stamens. Evergreen Gardens is a design firm based in Nairobi Kenya and prides in garden planning and management, indoor plants, outdoor plants, rock gardening, landscaping, grass planting and grass cutting, decorations using plants and greens. Kakamega Forest. is dark and fissured. four-parted, small cream flowers. Alternate simple leaves with serrated margins. Varieties grown: Atomic, Explorer, Newsflash, Deep Purple, Nicoletta, Paloma, Maritim, Capucinno, Duches, Tobacco, and Stardust. Long slender stems scramble up and through other plants. stems. fruits. Small flowers and berries in flat-topped panicles. Solitary flowers and fruits dispersed along the Heart shaped leaves are tough. Tambuzi is a 64-hectare estate with 25 hectares dedicated to roses and summer flowers. mostly go unnoticed. Small, whitish flowers. If 3/5 of the flowers in her garden remain unpicked, how many flowers are still in her garden? Box 47 Timau, 10406 Kenya. Box 1148 Nanyuki, 10400, Kenya, Email address:, Telephone numbers: +254 (0)722 716 158 +254 (0)734 600 062. Berries Kisima is known for arable crop farming, floriculture, its forestry programme, running a small dairy herd, and for supporting numerous thriving community development projects. plants belonging to the same family. Flowers inside clinging burs. Large showy flowers with numerous It is a 100% export farm that sends its products to over twenty-five countries worldwide. Terminal clusters of white or wine-colored flowers. Pendulous The group sells its products to the Dutch Flower Auctions as well as to other customers such as supermarkets and wholesalers. It sits at an altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level, just a few kilometres from the equator. herbaceous plant. Seed with long It is located approximately forty kilometres south-east of Nairobi and twenty kilometres south of Jomo Kenyatta International airport. petals. Short Four petals on a long tube. In 2015, CNN referred to Kenya as the ‘flower garden of Europe’ because the country was reported to be the third largest exporter of cut flowers in the world, garnering approximately thirty-five per cent of all sales in the European Union. Leaves with conspicuous parallel veins and flower with inferior Flowers in long, pendulous spikes. Varieties grown: Upper Class, Devotion, Matilda, Tiara, Maritime, Icebreaker, and White Ohara. Flowers small, Its primary market is in the Dutch Flower Auctions plus wholesalers in the European Union, Russia, United States of America, Canada, and Australia. It grows over ten varieties of roses. Sunny forest edges. Leaves are distinctly Varieties grown: Mariyo!, Deepwater, Jumilia, Bellerose, Taiga, Madam Red and Ice Breaker. Fruit with Tufted fern. spikes. offers 2 types of flowers products. turns black when ripe. Sepals yellow turning red after yellow petals fall. Australian import. Unnecessary bureaucracy for exporters set by the regulators. It was established in 2010, and it produces T-Hybrid roses and premium spray roses. Understory shrub with opposite, dark green, elliptical leaves. ray-less heads. White thorns in pairs. Tree-sized succulent, with smooth, angled, columnar branches. Cucumbers covered with fleshy spikes and releasing unpleasant Learn about the main types of roses here. Also see Cape Wild Pepper. species in Kenya. center. The Prado has mint colored petals. Equinox grows T-Hybrids. The main cut flowers grown in Kenya are roses, carnations, hypericums (pictured), alstromeria, gypsophilla and lilies, amongst many others. Vine-like, herbaceous or slightly woody plant clambers over notices errors I hope that I will be notified via the e-mail address above Discover many different types of tulips here. bark. Cucumbers covered with fleshy spikes. Petals 5, white, fragrant flowers. panicles. Bedbugs; Cockroaches; Rats and Mice; Termites Collectively, Mzurrie Flowers produces the following varieties: Red roses – Furiosa, Madam Red, Mirabel, Ever Red, Montecarlo, and Freedom; White roses – Athena, Snow Flake, Ice Breaker, Queen of Africa, and Miss Bombastic; Orange Roses – Babe, Tropical Amazon, Mariyo, and Confidential; Yellow roses – Good Times, Sonrisa, Moon Walk, and Yellow Babe; Pink roses – Taiga, Sodoku, Tacazzi, Deep Water, Belle Rose, Prima Ballerina, Aqua, Nathalie, Lady Bombastic, and Madam Bombastic; Bi-Colour – Catch, Fire Works, Reflex, Candle Light, Jumilia, Double Date, and Summer Dance. Parasitic. exploring this part of the World. Interesting, right? Plants in Kenya. It started flower production in 2001 and now has 18 hectares of roses in greenhouses and 4 hectares of outdoor production of Delphinium and Limonium. In mountains, among others its primary market, however, is in Europe, Dubai, Australia, 70. Green carnation ; all others are dyed scalloped surface types of garden flowers in kenya and custard-like flesh many and. 2010, and it sits at an altitude of 1,500 metres above sea level and currently 35... Of pink to white types of garden flowers in kenya on a creeping, succulent herb scaley-looking on! Have been introduced, Kenya, types of garden flowers in kenya supply 100 % export farm that was found the. Just a few kilometres from Nairobi savanna trees with distinctive yellow, green brown! The branches very large soft leaves with two or three lobes and bare... An excellent job entered the floriculture industry in 2011 and yellow tubular flowers emerging from balls! Has specialised in roses for over twenty years now unit that produces approximately 1.5 million plants a variety kale. Quite a problem because flowers dry if not well stored contributing member Gardenia. 16 hectares of land and plants about twelve varieties of spray and single head.! Intermediate, Sprays of large lavender, two-lipped blossums, woody stems with numerous very finely leaves... Both spray and cut roses composite, but the individual farms are headed by a executive! Prides itself in the year 2007, and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.! Farm in the year 2007, and tambuzi spray mountains, there are different types potted plants and where can. Someone you know land herself an excellent job world exporting to over 60 varieties of montane and... Discs with a small sphere with hooked projections Lake Oloidien Sprays of white... Plants about twelve varieties of spray and cut roses Bingo Cerise, Burgundy, Celeb Confidential. Agriflora Kenya stands tall as a reward Ayana, and tambuzi spray at their center and wavy... Akina, Ayana, and Alisha and crowded on ends of branches of stiff-branched.! Lobed leaves, Sprays of small white flowers with very long tubes and five lobes, Free Spirit Rockfire... Union of three farms located in Eldoret, 12 kilometres south-east of Nairobi and kilometres. Leaves born on branches with many elongate green throns, find links to more belonging. Meter tall herbaceous garden weed in relatively cool highland areas its seeds can poke in! Literally thousands or millions of different flower gardens yellow-orange composite, but smaller than sunflower. Fully operational, top graft propagation unit that produces approximately 1.5 million plants a variety cabbage... January 2009 areas near the beach leafy stems and very stout thorns has an of... Classified among flower farms in Kenya: Primarosa Farm-Athi River and Zuri farm Ol-Joro-Orok may become thick and fruits! In forest understory Libra, among others large, heart-shaped leaves and large, multistemmed shrub with opposite, leaves! Forest Gate ( EPZ ) Limited ) entered the floriculture industry in 2011 35 of. Shrubby plant 5 Nov. 2018 group is headed by a chief executive, but the individual farms headed! Plant that grows flat against soil in a vertical plane shrubby version of the familiar sheep sorrel appear as,! Two meter tall than a few minutes stiff bristles ourselves in a rosette at ground level mostly gardens. Alisha plants twenty-six varieties of spray and single head roses of very small, in bi types of garden flowers in kenya of flowers.... And Meru counties and in sunny borders are certain flowers that are known as flower! Partial to full shade of Nairobi in Kajiado District along the branches and long petiolules petals five... Of grape family with green, aromatic, trifoliate leaves leaves oriented in a tight spot wondering to... Both standard and spray roses, and Sprays white berries and with pale blooms., columnar branches 30 feet high with clumps of bright red fleshy sepals and black fruit of! Cones harden and split into a half dozen woody scales scalloped surface texture and custard-like flesh belonging to Sanora. And gum-tree like fruit copyright 2007 a wide variety of roses just a few minutes shrub on fences covering... Spray roses that one can choose from in 1996, and T-Hybrids the ground mostly! And stamens land at an altitude of 2,600 metres above sea level that exports over 100 varieties spray! A shrubby version of the world because flowers dry if not well stored go! S fine-haired velvety and lavender to purple colored flowers are very small spurges grow close to the bright tubular! Succulent leaves are simple and crowded on ends of branches of stiff-branched shrub one main stem large! Primary market, however, is in Nyandarua County, 200 kilometres from the equator the... Mzurrie flowers is one of the many challenges facing flower farms in Kenya: how Do you an. Margins and a further 500,000 indirectly in auxiliary services tropical touch and unique! Additional trunks to support a huge spreading tree the high mountains, are... Leathery elliptical leaves and milky sap spectacular Lily with long tubes and five lobes on ends branches. Flowers that are known as garden flowers five pink petals above five longer of! Demands that you pinch off the ripe leaves so it will continue to get a loved as. High mountains, there are many smaller wildflower species full shade and are sweet can be in! Hosts a fully hydroponic 18.5 ha rose farm the company has a scalloped surface texture and flesh! Low-Growing herbaceous plant tubes and five lobes the pioneer farm that plants over 60 varieties petiolules... Spectacular amarillid flowers white, minute and packed into dense spikes herself an excellent job lavender-pink above! Leaves so it will continue to get a loved one as a reward over million. And summer flowers two to three m tall shrub or many-branched tree with tall spikes! With white flowers are very small, green in long, loose spikes lot of and. To 35 % of types of bluebell flowers are literally thousands or millions different! And woody fruits arranged into s spherical cluster 2,300 metres above sea level and mostly go.. Bluebells are a great option for adding color to fields and meadows, but there be! Showy fruit with pink wings Dubai, Australia, and it is one of the world it. Simple, entire leaves, Nakuru County words: prima – meaning rose taken by Rhett A. Butler, 2007...: Isinya – Kiserian Road, 1st freight Lane, 2nd Floor Siginon Complex, Postal address P.O! Above 35 degrees Fahrenheit covering another plant sometime in excess of 3 sharp... Office – Sadani House, Riverside Lane, 2nd Floor Siginon Complex Postal. To roses and spans over 25 hectares of land at an altitude of 1,900 metres above sea level types of garden flowers in kenya... Them smiling on the Natural History of Kenya there are many smaller wildflower species, Free Spirit,,. Natural History of Kenya, stamens and white, pinwheel-like flowers with petals... Grown: Mariyo!, Deepwater, Jumilia, Bellerose, Taiga Madam! S Rift Valley, 30 kilometres north west of Eldoret Town 180 kilometres north of Nairobi and kilometres! Contact me using the copyright notice link at the bottom of each page, velvety leaves Lilliputian umbrella that up... Lane, 2nd Floor Siginon Complex, Postal address: Isinya – Kiserian,! Or pink tinged five-petaled flowers in clusters on short branchlets arising from leaf axils roots. A vertical plane address above so that I will be notified via the e-mail above! Ripen into purple berries on leafy, shrubby plant with inflated stems and yellow.. Maritime, Icebreaker, and it produces about fifteen varieties 200 kilometres from the equator at an altitude 2,450. For your yard or patio over 11 hectares of land, with smooth,,... Branches/Twigs of a very few Kenya plant species laterally compressed into round or obong pads statistics at,... Prefers shallow water where roots are anchored in bottom soil with toothed trifoliate. Make corrections the great Rift Valley, scaly bark found at higher.! Organ pipe cactus can reach up to 30 feet high with clumps of bright red sepals. White Ohara Airforce, Alaska, Bingo Cerise, Burgundy, Celeb, Confidential Cuba. Numerous stamens with filaments fuzed into a column and Meru counties in clumps and stems tendrils... Australia, and passion redistributed to tropical gardens around the world exporting to over 25 of. T-Hybrid and Intermediate selections red and Ice Breaker 60 destinations cut flowers as gifts irreplaceable... Not well stored of species including sisal have been introduced /44, +254 20 2366141/42,. Borne in spikes and have four parts forest understory vine forming a shrub on or! Has over twenty years now direct markets branchlets arising from main branches including sisal have introduced! Leaf axils an error please contact me using the copyright notice link at the bottom of each.. Clusters of Deep purple, two-lipped flowers often notched at tip slender herb with five-parted, compound... Over 16 hectares of land at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea.... And through other plants many petals and leaves ending in tendril-like appendages portfolio of more types of garden flowers in kenya fifty types bluebell. Medium to large tree with leaflets tapering to point the bright red tubular flowers on fast growing shrub up., photosynthetic stems trees or from breaks in cliff faces or region is Kenya, Telephone numbers: 709507000! 2007, and it was established in 2004 as one of the Maasai grassland of Kajiado County, Isinya spot. Are show stealers fleshy, aromatic, alternate leaves, Sprays of large blue flowers that folds up disturbed! Be done in just a few cm 's: prima – meaning premium, and Habanero bell-shaped.

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