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We stop halfway down and have a shore lunch on the riverbank. You've had the proper science answers. We fry them up in a cast iron pan over a fire, and serve them with some fried potatoes and coleslaw. The most active spawning, however, occurs when the water for the first time reaches the 65-degree mark. You will habitually start using the fish finder to chart courses. I’ve eaten smallmouth bass several times and I think they are very good eating. Yes, bass have teeth. Even though they are not the biggest fish out there, they put up a big fight, and will often break the surface with some acrobatic displays. In a second test, the bass were angled out of the lake, then held out of water for varying times up to 15 minutes before being released into a holding tank for 30 minutes. Copyright 2020 USA, All Rights Reserved -, link to How To Fix A Camper Jack | A Detailed Look Inside, link to Installing LED Lights In A Camper | Power Usage Comparison, Terms and Conditions for Furthermore, if there is an object in the sea like a ship or oilrig, you may not be able to see where it meets the water, but you might see the top of it. In this study the bass was found to be able to taste (or smell) 1-200th of a drop of a substance in the 100 gallon water tank (what an amazing sense of taste … You don’t really know for sure unless you do a scientific study on the matter. His point is that visibility is not great in deep murky water, so don't over estimate sight when it comes to bass feeding. Bass seem to live longer in the north, up to 15 years, but don’t get as big as their counterparts in the south which only live about 11 years. And before you even realize, you will be catching bass from as deep as 45-60 feet. This has to do more with the influence of water on penetrating light … Many of the weeds die off, so they will be around the few weeds remaining, or looking for other types of structure to hang out by. Females grow bigger than males. Fact: Flow can turn on the bite in tidal waters and hydropower reservoirs with periodic current. When this occurs you should key on the bottom structure because the fish will move along the underwater avenues from one line of cover to the next. They will eat most anything that gets in there way, and are fairly easy to catch. This can create some problems because bass can be difficult to reach back in the flooded trash. This site is owned and operated by Rande Knapmiller. 22:02. A few years back a study was conducted of the taste and smell of a bass in a tank of 100 gallons of water. Down at 40 or 50 feet, even in very clear water, the world appears to be composed entirely of shades of gray, blue, and black. Yes, they are definitely edible. While some bass will move extremely shallow into the flooded fields, the majority of the fish will still concentrate around the original bank. I personally never liked the taste of bass. Sometimes you can find bass along migration routes such as ditches, points or any creases in the terrain rather than in the shallow flooded cover. Catching bass from deep water can sometimes lead to problems successfully releasing the fish. In clear ocean water, at one metre depth only 45% of the solar energy that falls on the ocean surface remains. I do sea kayaking. Hopefully you see small ponds, lakes, and reservoirs in a different light! Many anglers feel that bass quit biting once the temps fall below 50 degrees. Howeve… ExtremeAnglerTV 11,218 views. Keep in mind, this is a standard weight to length chart which will give you the size of an average fish. Then they were held out of the water by their bottom lip, like most anglers do, for varied amounts of time up to 10 minutes. Paying attention to color can make the difference between a curious follow and a definitive attempt to eat your lure. They were then placed back in a tank and monitored for 24 hours. From what I've read bass can see a maximum of about 30 feet (if I'm remembering right) in maximal visibility conditions. In the northern regions, the females can get up to 10 pounds, while the males seldom get bigger than 5 pounds. Bass … Then boil a pot of water and add a small amount of salt to it. I don’t intentionally fish for bass through the ice, but I will pull some up occasionally while jigging for panfish, or even catch some on a tip-up. They were monitored for 5 days. This works well in clear shallow water because the bass can see the bait, and also feel the flapping of the appendages. "> Be the first to rate this post. Bass will also start scattering more if the water is warm. By keying on a bass’ movements during this condition, you will increase your success rates and straighten out those chart lines on a higher plateau. No votes so far! gtag('config', '